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Experience this mesmerizing and efficient technology in some of the most exotic locations around the globe, where monorails have found new life.  From the 311 mph magnetically levitated monorail in Shanghai to the 100 year old Victorian Schwebebahn monorail in Germany.  Learn how monorails are built and tested in Bombardier’s monorail factory in Canada, see the world’s first hybrid diesel monorail in Kuala Lumpur and find out why Los Angeles declined a free 40 mile monorail system that the city still desperately needs.  Experience the storied past and spectacular future of this promised transporter who’s time has finally arrived.


Available now on DVD

Find out how technology has changed entertainment in Las Vegas.  High Tech Vegas was created for The Discovery Channel Canada and has aired on major networks around the globe.  Get special access to a secret world few have seen.  AUREOLE is a five star restaurant famous for it’s 40-foot automated wine tower with flying wine angels, and the world’s first electronic wine somalie.  Explore Mandalay Bay’s SHARK REEF where new technology allows sharks and other exotic sea creatures to survive in the middle of the desert.  Behold the Caesars Palace ALANTIS FOUNTAIN SHOW as we unmask the giant animatronic actors to find out how they use fire and water as weapons to dazzle guests of the great Caesar.  Blast off on SPEED THE RIDE to discover a roller coaster propelled entirely by magnets.  Enter the towering TROJAN HORSE at FAO Schwarz, the largest animatronics figure on the planet.