High Tech Monorails on DVD

High Tech Monorails has aired on major networks throughout Europe and Asia and is now available as a special 2 disc DVD set with extra features and bonus material.  More than 100 hours of footage was shot over a two year period for High Tech Monorails – enough to create a one-hour documentary for each of the monorails featured in the show.  Some of the special features include extended cuts, deleted scenes, deleted acts, and location stills.  Director audio commentaries are also available for all of the extra features.

This special 2 disc DVD set includes:

  1. BulletThe original 54 minute broadcast version, presented at the highest possible quality.

  2. Bullet10 Photo Galleries

  3. BulletDirector Bio

  4. BulletDeleted Scenes w/optional commentary

  5. BulletExtended Cuts w/optional commentary

  6. BulletRide the Monorails – a full-ride cockpit view of many monorails.